Anti Corruption
Council Of India(ACCI)

Who We Are

ACCI working against all type of Corruption to make our Society Care free and safe. We take urgent step for all type of corruption . To help Local, National and even International Law enforcements officials in their constant effort to curtail the activities of crime syndicate, rockets, organized gangs, smugglers and law breaking in general. We Provide Corruption Information to honorable president, prime minister, Home minister, chief minister, chief Justice, Lok Sabha President, Supreme Court, High Court, Income Tax Department, Vigilance Department, Crime Branch C.B.I. , I.B, C.I.D, Print Media, Electronic Media, Senior Journalist, Police and its administration

ACCI is founded by team of top and experienced panal advocate Supreme Court of India and High Courts of India and its national chairman is an Advocate of Sup Managing partner and founder International Jurix LLP ,Law firm in India, and a Chairman , National working Committee dedicated Human & Constitutional Reforms & SOCIAL WORKER Registered in the year 2013 under the Trust Registration Act of 1882, is working with dedication for the Protection of Human Rights Protection and Promotion, Justice for all, Economic upliftment of the underprivileged, Education, Love, Peace, Harmony and Friendship, National & International Integration by Exchange of ideas & ethos amongst the neighboring countries and the people of the rest of the world.

Anti Corruption Council Of India came into the existence to cater and spread Human rights values,to uder take such activites and programmes that promote and lead to a just,tranparent, Accountable and participatory governace in India ,Lead to reduction in corrupion and to promote equiatable upportunites for development, at every corner of India after passing the resolution.

Anti Courrpution Council of India,(ACCI) volunteers are available at every corner of India through our network at :

  • National Working Committee
  • State Working Committee
  • District Working Committee
  • Block Working Committee
  • Ward Working Committee

  • The works has been decided and carried forward through Various Committee viz, education, Health, Legal , etc.

    ACCI is purely a non political, Secular Organisation operating with the support of its members.

    ACCI has the Recognition today due to the efforts and association of Intellectuals, Philanthropist, Judges and other luminaries having contributed in a big way in our efforts to bring Awareness of not only Human Values but other social causes too.

    ACCI is a social organisation for the ignored, disregarded, over-looked, victimised, oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the society and it cultivates awareness in them with regard to their rights. ACCI is an highly informative secured Human Rights Agency. ACCI collects problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers as also anti-social, anti-governmental activities and places them in front of prevailing government administration, police and courts.

    ACCI has been commemorating the International Youth Day, World Human Rights Day, World Women's and Peace Day, World Press Freedom Day and above all, World Human Rights Day, as also organising different meetings, seminars, conventions, assemblies, conferences, cultural programmes, Youth camps, and judiciary camps.

    ACCI has number of prestigious projects for future are lined up for execution is handling Hundred of Human Rights Centers all over India and has Lacks of members in the organization who are supporting the cause of Human Rights, Liberties & social Justice.