Anti Corruption
Council Of India(ACCI)
Activities of Anti Corruption Council Of India
  • The promotion and dissemination of information between NGOs so that extremely effective partnerships are developed
  • To provide a Legal Justice for People|Human Rights|Constitutional Rights|Anti Crrupption Matters etc and central point for networking access.The use of electronic networking and file cases in Lower Court|High Court| Supreme court Of India on Behalf of public Intrest Litigation (PIL) capabilities to further strengthen the bonds between community organizations and to boost the reservoir Constitutional Rights
  • To build up the Pan India network|Association |Voluntear of PSCI| and awarness|Convince to people with the help of Our |member|partner|President Chiarman advice|State President|Block President|Distt President|National President Or core Group ( which is now PSCI increased 50,000 association In Bihar UP and Delhi) programme for Leading or selection of good governace|Like Chief Minister|Prime Minister| MP|MLA of grassroots NGOs by providing free resources online via a singular platform.
  • The Fights for currupted people|POLICE| Govt Employee| and complaint against such people, and sharing of ideas among different investigation agency,CBI/Inteligence Beauro|Media|Patrakar| and other related NGOs and entities.
  • Provide free and easy access to a wide variety of informational sources.
  • To provide the appropriate levels of contact for funding agencies so that they can select the best organization to work with.