Anti Corruption
Council Of India(ACCI)
About Organization

Anti Courrption Council of India (ACCI) is an Organisation which has been fighting for Safe of Contitutional rights and volunteers are private citizens appointed by the Advisory Committee of Justice. This system was established based on the concept that people in various fields should work to encourage respect for human rights, make efforts to avoid infringements of the rights of residents, and protect human rights in the local community. This system is unparalleled in any other country.

At present, about 14,000 volunteers have been posted in each municipality of cities, across the country, and carry out assertive activities such as awareness-raising for the residents of the area encouraging interest in human rights by holding lectures and discussions, or human rights counseling for the residents held at human rights counseling offices of legal affairs bureaus and public facilities, including city offices and department stores. Volunteers for children's rights protection, who exclusively deal with problems affecting children's rights such as bullying, corporal punishment and child abuse, and volunteers for human rights conciliation who try to amicably settle human rights infringements in order to help the victims, are appointed from among human rights volunteers.

In addition, Anti Corruption council of India, volunteers are carrying out activities with organizations such as the National Association of Solicitors of Human Rights Volunteers, each prefecture's Association of Human Rights Volunteers, of which there are 50, and the 120 offices in India ACCI Volunteer Council